Soap Nuts


Soap nuts are excellent for doing your laundry without using chemical detergents.
Perfect for Hot, and Warm Water washing!
Place 6 soap nuts in a muslin/cotton drawstring pouch
and place in washer, add clothes and enjoy fresh clean clothes!
You can re use the muslin/cotton draw string pouch w/ the Soap nuts
for up to 4 loads of laundry.

How do Soap Nuts Work?
Soap nuts, when in warm to hot water release Saponins (soap)
This happens at aprox. 30% hotter than the Nut itself.
The saponins then circulate as a natural surfactant (surface active ingredient). They break down the surface tension between water and oil in the wash water reducing the surface tension of the water aiding it in freeing dirt, grime and oils from clothes. Essentially this is the exact same fundamental principle that applies to how most detergents and soaps work.
Soap Nuts:
o Antimicrobial properties. Removes microbes from laundry.
o Natural anti-fungal properties.

o Hypoallergenic. Most allergic reactions to detergents are due to the
chemicals and fragrances in them. - Great for removing odors.

o Mild and gentle on fabric structure and colors.
o Low sudsing: Good for all washers.
Excellent for high efficiency (HE) washers.

o Eliminate the need for fabric softener.
o No animal testing.
o Requires no manufacturing processes.
No chemicals or fossil fuels needed to produce.

o A primary product from a sustainable source.
o Does not pollute our water systems.
o Good for septic and grey water systems.

o Environmentally safe.
o Natural product with basically an endless shelf life.
o Virtually untapped potential for eliminating most
harmful chemicals from the market.

Can Soap Nuts be used in the Cold Water Wash cycle?
the answer is Yes!

instructions as follows:
place your Soap Nuts in the provided pouch, about 6,
and add about 2cups of warm to hot water,
let them soak for about 5 mins. this will create the saponins process.
Add the water and the Soap Nuts
to your cold water wash load,
and enjoy Clean, Fresh clothes!


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