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Hemp Pain Relief

from The Green Goat

Some time ago, my husband, a maintenance welder, was repairing a sheet metal awning with a coworker.  They were carrying the replacement sheet metal when a gust of wind caught it and sliced his wrist severing his tendon almost all the way through.  He was lucky, had it severed completely he would have been left with a near useless hand.   Following two surgeries, and several months of treatment, the wound was healed but the pain did not ease.  The doctor’s sole solution was pain pills.  Wanting to avoid the inherent risks of opioid drug addiction we looked elsewhere for a pain remedy.

I had heard of the soothing and healing powers of CBD enhanced creams and salves and started a search for the facts and conducted my own research.  There was a lot of research data available. CBD combined with certain essential oils, peppermint, cinnamon and frankincense were proven winners for treating pain and inflammation.  From there it was just a question of blending this combination with natural oils and butters to produce a smooth, easily applied topical balm or salve.

Within minutes of the first application my husband felt relief for the first time in months, now months later he uses the salve to maintain a pain free wrist and arm, to him it feels like the accident had never happened.

Our neighbors, friends and family have all noticed my husband’s transformation, and each in turn have tried the cream for their own various aches, pains and ailments.  It works every time!

Relief is close at hand, grab it now and become pain free once more.