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Each kit will include:

2 oz Extra Strength Salve

2 oz Magnesium Salve

Big Bandaids

& the always needed BC Powder


The Green Goat

Our humble beginnings

Some time ago, my husband, a maintenance welder, was repairing a sheet metal awning with a coworker.  They were carrying the replacement sheet metal when a gust of wind caught it and sliced his wrist severing his tendon almost all the way through.  He was lucky, had it severed completely he would have been left with a near useless hand.   Following two surgeries, and several months of treatment, the wound was healed but the pain did not ease.  The doctor’s sole solution was more pills.  Wanting to avoid the inherent risks of opioid  addiction we looked elsewhere for a remedy.


I read and read research article after research article. So many ingredients were found to have varying degrees of success.  I began making a lotion, then a salve.  After a couple trials and perfecting the salve my husband was no longer complaining about that weird "hit my funny bone feeling".

Now he uses the salve as part of his pre/post care routine to maintain a very athletic semi professional paintball career while also maintaining a physically demanding fulltime day job. Give our salve a try!


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